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  • Blanc Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine
    Blanc Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine

Blanc Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine

New Arrival

This white Israeli wine is the newest member to the ''Du Castel'' family.
The wine color is close to gold, the structure is rich and refreshing.
The creators of this fine brand of wine is Eli ben zaken who works with his family to give us the best tasting wine that you can get. 

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MSRP: $65.95
Sale price: $54.95

Castel winery is an Israeli winery run by the Ben Zaken family,  located in the Judean hills, that greet the people coming up towards Jerusalem.
Their divine white wine is a blend of grapes, such as sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and of course Chardonnay.
Now just to explain a little about these types of grapes: A very ripe Chardonnay will have flavors more towards tropical fruits like pineapple, guava, and mango. A barely ripe Chardonnay will have green apple and lemon flavors. The sauvignon is an important part to making a fine wine, it helps keep the wine crisp, dry, and refreshing.
Gewürztraminer is a special ingredient that is put into white wine to add to its aromatic flavor. All of these grapes just blend into a rich taste and a gracefully looking bottle of white wine, this Israeli wine is fruity with tropical shade and fresh taste of lime.