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  • Rouge Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine
    Rouge Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine

Rouge Du Castel Castel Winery Israeli Wine

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Legal age to purchase any alcoholic beverage is 18 years of age

This amazing Israeli wine comes from the talented Ben Zaken  family, who sell both red and white wines. 
Before they start production they taste the grapes to make sure that their wine will come out no other than the best.
Once the perfect taste is found, the family puts the grapes into the barrels to start the ageing and get its richness.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 18496
MSRP: $61.95
Sale price: $54.95

This great Israeli wine is dry, red and it contains 13 percent alcohol. Kosher and great with meat or substantial savory meals, it is one of the best.
Now, a more elaborate explanation on the process of winemaking: Before harvesting, the grapes are tasted, and the juice is checked for sugar and acidity. Based on that, the decision to harvest is made. You might think that harvesting is the easy part, however, it just happens to be the most stressful part of the whole winemaking process. The vineyards and the grapes are visited almost on a daily basis, and the decision to harvest them is always difficult because it takes 48 hours to organize a team of harvesters.   Once the grapes are hand picked, they are put into small 15kg boxes.
1988 was the year Eli ben Zaken started planting his grapes, and joined the winemaking business. By 1992, his first batch was completed, and put into the first six hundred bottles. Today Eli ben Zakens Castel winery is known as one of the few successful Israeli winemaking companies.