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  • Barkan Winery Chardonnay Special Reserve, Israeli Wine
    Barkan Winery Chardonnay Special Reserve, Israeli Wine

Barkan Winery Chardonnay Special Reserve, Israeli Wine

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The wine is  rich and elegant combining well the fruit and oak aromas.
SPECIAL RESERVE Chardonnay is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes Grown in the Jerusalem and the Galilee region. This wine should be served chilled with fish course or as a complement to rich desserts.
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Barkan Winery has for several years has been making progress to change their reputation from  "Supermarket" and ordinary wines to a world-class producer of quality varietals and blends. They have done this by building Israel's most advanced winery at Kibbutz Hulda in Israel's picturesque Samson region as well as planting new vineyards throughout Israel winegrowing regions, The winery has twice been named "Israel's most improved winery"  and now produce some of  Israel's award winning wines. Of all the Barkan product labels, BARKAN SPECIAL RESERVE is saved regarding  the wines that stand out because of their quality or perhaps some unique trait. Vintner Shmuel Boxer has built his oenological team with international experience around his highly  talented, UC Davis trained chief Winemaker Ed Salzberg The team have formulated numerous successful lines including many award winning wines from classic and novel varieties.
The grapes for Barkan SPECIAL RESERVE Chardonnay is the winery's vineyards in the Jerusalem corridor and  the Galilee region. The vineyards are planted on well drained hillsides that boast the relatively low temperatures Chardonnay vines need. This Chardonnay wine made in the French Burgundy tradition is aged in oak barrels for 6 months for balance.