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  • Israeli Wine, Barkan Winery, Pinotage Special Reserve
    Israeli Wine, Barkan Winery, Pinotage Special Reserve

Barkan Winery Pinotage Special Reserve, Israel Wine


Unique describes Barkan's flagship Pinotage earning it SPECIAL RESERVE status. Pinotage is the home variety of the Cape region of South Africa. Barkan Pinotage is Vintage fermented then aged in oak for at least 12 months, producing a robust wine ready for for quaffing with meat off the grill. 

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Barkan has in recent years been making efforts to lose the label of being a "Supermarket" or standard level winery and to be thought of as a serious producer of some of Israel's finest wines. Of all the Barkan labels, BARKAN SPECIAL RESERVE is saved for wines that stand out for their quality or unique character. Vintner Shmuel Boxer and the talented winemaking staff led by Head Winemaker Ed Salzberg have created several upper tier lines packed with high-end, sophisticated wines, and unique proprietary varietals and blends. 
 Foreign to Israel until a Barkan winery vineyard in Tel Zafit planted a small plot. This Mediterranean climate characterized by hot winds and a dry growing season have produced Grapes quite unlike their ancestors in the Western Cape.  With proper conditions, bottle aging will improve this wine for years to come.