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  • Israeli Wine - Gamla Nebbiolo Reserve
    Israeli Wine - Gamla Nebbiolo Reserve

Israeli Wine - Gamla Nebbiolo Reserve

Gamla "Reserve" Nebbiolo Presents variety typical aromas of cherry, plum, and baked apple, with hints of fresh herbs, flowers and a little French oak.
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This is an attractive Israeli wine, with medium to fine body. This wine is enjoyable while still relatively young, more aging time in the bottle will increase its complexity.
Your enjoyment will increase for up to a decade after harvest. Try the wine with rich, flavorful dishes like Osso Buco, risotto in a rich mushroom sauce or ripe aged gorgonzola cheese.
Gamla "Reserve" Nebbiolo was produced using the "mellow" process where whole grapes are gently fermented to produce a richer rounder wine. Our Nebbiolo vineyard is planted in a cool choice location at almost 1,200 meters above sea level. The origin of Nebbiolo variety is in Piemonte in Northern Italy, where it is used to produce the famous Barolo wines. Gamla Nebbiolo wines are aged in French oak barrels for 12 months and produced in limited quantities for the connoisseur of this unique varietal.
Analytical data: alcohol – 14.5%, acid (g/l): 6.4, pH: 3.66, sweetness – dry.