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  • Israeli Wine Golan Winery Yarden Rose
    Israeli Wine Golan Winery Yarden Rose

Israeli Wine Golan Winery Yarden Rose

New Arrival

The Yarden Rose 2010 wine is an enjoyable and refreshing wine with a touch of acidity. This versatile wine is perfect with a wide range of dishes such as with strawberry soufflé, tempura or mature Brie cheese.

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From the Golan Heights, the coldest region in Israel, the Yarden wines are known for their excellent quality wines and the Yarden Rose 2010 wine is no exception.  The sparkling Israeli wine is made from 76% Chardonnay grapes and 24% Petit Noir with grapes that have been harvested from vineyards in the northern part of Israel, the Golan. It presents with hints of lemon, fresh flowers, strawberries in cream and a hint of crusty baguette. It has an attractive color and is a great wine to serve for festive occasions with a wide array of dishes ranging from soufflé to tuna tartar. A hot January cut the harvesting season and the hot weather continued until May, resulting in a below average amount of rain and a hotter then average summer, brought the process earlier.  The wine aged on tirage yeast for five years.