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  • Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Heights
    Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Heights

Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Heights

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Legal age to purchase any alcoholic beverage is 18 years of age

The most delectable Israeli dessert wine you can imagine is the Yarden Heights. Sweet with a balancing touch of acidity, it tastes of apricots and melon, honeysuckle, lychee, and spice. The perfect blend, this is the wine to enjoy a wonderful treat with.

375 ml bottle

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Israeli wine is blessed with being unique in flavor and aroma, and this wine makes the most of the delightful Gewurztraminer grapes of the holy land. Picked ripe in the cool weather of the Golan Heights, they are frozen for a month and then gently pressed to get the best and richest juice, which then ferments for a number of months in the winery, finally arriving at a wine that surpasses many and makes a delightful glass to pair with light french cheese or dessert. Perfect with cheesecake or pastry, this wine has the sweet flavors of apricot, melon, honeysuckle, and lychee, in addition to a touch of spice aroma. Sent from Israel, this Israeli wine makes the best kind of gift at any hosted event, gift basket or holiday and is also a great treat for your own celebrations.