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  • Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Chardonnay
    Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Chardonnay

Israel Wine Golan Winery Yarden Chardonnay

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A delightfully aromatic Yarden Chardonnay is the perfect wine to give as a gift or buy for your own celebratory time. The wine pairs wonderfully with delicate flavors, such as seared fillet of fish, roasted chicken, and fettuccini with white mushroom sauce.

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Truly a worthy wine to represent Israeli wine and grapes, this magnificent Chardonnay is tinted with lemon, pineapple and pear accents, an aromatic wine with good acidity levels and a lingering taste. perfect with a fancy dish and not too overpowering, this makes a great gift for a host, at a holiday, birthday, Shabbat or event, and also is the perfect one to hold in reserve for a special occasion of your own. Grown in the Golan Heights, the coldest and best region in Israel where grapes grow, the 2016 Chardonnay grapes become a wine that is aged for seven months in French oak barrels. This full bodied wine will develop in the bottle for a few years, and is a great choice to keep around for celebratory occasions. It also makes a well-received gift for any occasion or meal. Truly a grand flavor, this Israeli wine is outstanding in every way.