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  • Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Cabernet 2009
    Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Cabernet 2009

Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Cabernet


This classic 2009 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon shows exactly why Israel wine has become so popular.  This is a well-bodied, intense flavor which will only get better as it matures through the years.  Enjoy a classic and outstanding kosher wine.

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Long gone are the days when kosher wine was the poor relation of the wine industry.  Thanks to Israel wineries, there is now an exceptional range of wines, which are a pleasure to drink and also happen to be kosher.


This Gamla cabernet sauvignon is a brilliant example of this.  2009 was almost a perfect harvest in terms of climate and conditions.  Apart from rain at the beginning of October, the weather ensured that 2009 would produce an excellent crop of wine in Israel.  All of the fruit comes from the cool climates of the Golan Heights and the wine itself has been allowed to age for a year in French oak barrels.


The result is a full-bodied, intense and satisfying flavor.  It includes a hint of different aromas, including blackberry, blueberry and fresh herbs.  This Israel wine has such quality that it is sure to improve over the coming 6-8 years, should you choose not to drink it now.  It is the perfect compliment to grilled steak and pasta dishes, adding a touch of class to any meal.  Just open the bottle, take in the aroma and enjoy one of the best wines to come from an Israel winery.