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  • Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Chardonnay
    Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Chardonnay

Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Chardonnay


Enjoy yourself with this excellent Gamla wine.  It is a real classic Chardonnay which will be a pleasure to drink, whatever the occasion. This lovely Israel wine originates from the peaks of the Golan Heights for perfect taste.

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If you enjoy a crisp, lively dry white wine, then this could be the kosher wine for you.  The key to this perfect blend is the location of the Gamla Israel winery, where this excellent bottle originates.  Situated high up in the Golan Heights, the cool chill makes it a perfect breeding ground for Chardonnay.  This  vintage, which is characterized by an unusually warm March and April followed by a cool May – Ideal conditions for a crisp dry white wine.  This blend was allowed to mature in barrels for four months for the perfect finish.


Of course, the proof of a good wine is in the taste and this is a bottle that will not disappoint.  Far from it.  In fact, the aromatic combination of pear, lemon and apricot gives a distinctly fruity flavor.  The hint of flowers, oak and vanilla also adds a unique taste to this special bottle.  The quality is second to none and is ready to drink, but will also mature nicely over four years into a classic Israel wine.  This Chardonnay is especially recommended to drink with chicken dishes and grilled trout for a perfect meal, combining an excellent variety of flavors.