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  • Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Sangiovese
    Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Sangiovese

Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Sangiovese


This is Israel wine at its finest.  From one of the finest Israel wineries, this is a bottle that will please your palate.  A superb vintage, the full-bodied flavor will be a delight to enjoy with a variety of dishes.

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 The cool temperatures guaranteed a brilliant crop and although the harvest season that year was relatively short, it was most certainly productive.  Now you can enjoy the fruits of this harvest in a brilliant bottle of Gamla Sangiovese.  This is a classic, full-bodied red wine that will make it worth the wait since 2009!  Thanks to the location of the Galilee region, which climbs from 400m to 1,200m above sea level, the cool climate makes it a perfect area for Israel wines to be produced.  This particular bottle was allowed to age for a year in French oak barrels.  


As a result, it is an outstanding bottle of wine.  It is particularly recommended as an accompaniment to dishes containing a rich selection of herbs.  In particular, this Sangiovese goes brilliantly with lamb chops smeared with a mixture of herbs, salt, olive oil and garlic.  It makes an equally tempting companion for ribs that have been gently grilled for two minutes on either side.


As wine is Israel goes, this is a top quality bottle.  Just pop the cork and appreciate the rich aroma and subsequently beautiful taste.