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  • Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Syrah
    Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Syrah

Israeli Wine - Golan Winery , Gamla Syrah


The Gamla Syrah is a new bottle that will excite your palate.  It is a beautiful red wine, produced by perhaps the finest Israel winery.  Enjoy the fruity blend which will add enjoyment to a whole range of dishes.

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If you want to be at the very cutting edge of Israel wine, try out this excellent bottle of Gamla Syrah.  Having only just come onto the market, this is a truly exciting bottle of quality red wine.  Originating in the Golan Heights, this bottle of wine has enjoyed the benefits of the cool climate on the hills which reach up to 1,200m above sea level.  These perfect conditions for wine production help make wine in Israel a quality product.  This particular production has been allowed to mature in French oak barrels for twelve months.  It can be enjoyed now or alternatively you can let it mature further for an additional five to seven years, during which time the bottle will remain in top condition.


Wine lovers will be struck by the aroma of raspberries, blackberries and plums, providing a distinctly fruity flavor.  This is complimented by hints of smoke to produce a quite outstanding finish.  This lovely red wine can be enjoyed with a variety of foods, but it is particularly recommended with spicy meat.  So, enjoy your Syrah with meatballs, spicy sausage and even spicy pizza.  Pop the cork and appreciate one of the finest wines of Israel.