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  • Israeli Wine - Tzora Winery , Neve Ilan Blanc
    Israeli Wine - Tzora Winery , Neve Ilan Blanc

Israeli Wine Tzora Winery Neve Ilan Blanc

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Tzora Israeli winery’s Neve Ilan is composed entirely of  Chardonnay grapes. The wine is fermented and aged in new oak barrels, this white kosher wine is deliciously fruity with added complexity from oak.

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The vine's special terroir influences character of any wine as much as anything that happens in the winery. The wine's flavor and aroma, as well as hue are products of climate and soil where the vines grow.  Winegrower, as well as  winemaker need to follow the pulse, as well as creative spirit of the land which affect wine in Israel. Working as partners, man and terroire, give perfect creations. Tzora Israel winery receives grapes from different properties  in Judea. Judean elevation and weather have created special growing areas.

Tzora Winery's Neve Ilan is a fine wine of Israel made from Chardonnay grapes  grown in Neve Ilan,: this special Chardonnay vineyard planted on shallow terra - Rosa  soils  perforated  with limestone. This kosher  wine is  fermented & aged  using the traditional Sur Lies process  mainly in French barrels blended with some made in  stainless tanks.  Fermentation is moderated, lasting nearly a year. Neve Ilan 2011 Chardonnay is finished with Malo-lactic fermentation to add balance and preserve this Israel wine's natural freshness.