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  • Israeli Winery Trio Spirit of Alona Valley
    Israeli Winery Trio Spirit of Alona Valley

Israeli Winery Trio Spirit of Alona Valley


The spirit wine series creates harmonious fruity, balanced wines from unique terroir.
The composition is varied each year according to characters of the vintage.
"Spirit of Alona Valley" uses Carignan grapes from a 30 year old mature vineyard in Alona Valley. This dry red wine has concentrated, balanced flavors.

Trio Israeli winery, started in 2006 is an expression of the Shaked family's dedication to wine excellence.

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SKU : 16975
MSRP: $62.95
Sale price: $44.95

Trio Winery's Spirit of Alona Valley wine is one of the company's most superb flavors - with attention to exquisite detail, these Israeli Wines are a level above others. Balanced perfectly with the mixture of grape types, this wine has a rich fine taste, delicate but fruity and flavorful. Made with Carignan Grapes grown in the Alona valley for 30 years, this wine brings through the true feeling of the whole winery, harmony in deliciousness, fruity and exotic but also fine and classic, with a nod towards the area where they were grown. Aged in oak barrels, the wine is made in a limited supply of 2,540 bottles, so if you love your wine, this is quite the catch. A wonderful gift or a wonderful leisurely drink for your own home, this wine is one of Israel's absolute finest, thanks to Trio Winery's perfected wine making skills and good taste.