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  • Pomegranate Red Dry Wine
    Pomegranate Red Dry Wine

Pomegranate Red Dry Wine

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Legal age to purchase any alcoholic beverage is 18 years of age

This wonderful pomegranate wine is made in southern Israel. Best served cold, it is Kosher certified and hand made, with 14% alcohol by volume. A gorgeous red dry, this wine reminds the taster of the dry deserts of Judea and the fresh juice of the spring pomegranates grown here.

Kosher red wine 375 ml 

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A delightfully fruity Israeli wine, this wine is made out of, not grapes, but pomegranates. Red and dry and 14% alcohol, this wine is 100% natural and vegan-friendly, and the winery contributes to the community it dwells in, so when you buy this wine you support Israel in more than a purely financial sense. Ripe pomegranates of the mild fall of Israel and as dry as the deserts of Judea, this is a scrumptious choice of wine for Rosh Hashanah as well as any special occasion or Shabbat. It is best served cold, and is strictly Kosher and Kosher for Passover, without a doubt of Orla. The wine contains standard levels of sulphite, and is made in Granada winery in Netanya, Israel. What a wonderful gift for a gift basket or host, and a taste of heaven comes inside.