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  • Ramot Naftaly Winery Malbec Israeli Wines
    Ramot Naftaly Winery Malbec Israeli Wines

Ramot Naftaly Winery Malbec, Israeli Wines

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The hot weather in Israel benefitte the Malbec grapes. The Ramot Naftaly Malbec has an intense and rich flavor, with a pleasant finish on the palate.
If wine release year not available the next available year will be sent.
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Malbec grapes, which originate from Chile and Argentina and are now grown here in Israel, prefer warm climates. The flavor of the Malbec grapes matches the Israeli style and has become quite a popular Israel wine over the last few years. The grapes grow in well-formed large clusters that do require pruning on a regular basis. Each grape will fully ripen which results in a rich color and flavor that is felt in the wine.  The grapes are dark purple in color, almost black, and are a very intense, sharp flavor which leaves a prolonged finish on the palate.