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  • Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Chardonnay
    Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Chardonnay

Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Chardonnay

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Recanati Chardonnay is vinted from Galilee Chardonnay grapes. This Israel wine is produced using the exclusive sur lies techniques that gives this Israeli wine a special buttery, rich, complex flavor. The fruit was harvested early in the morning. These fine grape are grown in small vineyards at Kerem Ben Zimra and Manara in Meron foothills. This wine features aroma and flavour of flowers, pineapple, and grapefruit. Serve chilled with delicately flavored Pasta or Fish courses.

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The premier Recanati Winery opened in the year 2000 by wine lovers directed by Lenny Recanati making use of know-how from around the world to manufacture wines in Israel.

This excellent Israeli winery is within the Hefer Area. It is furnished with the preferred tools of wine making. 
Outstanding  wine production has to start with the finest fruit. Vine farming authority Dr. Pini Sarig, Israel winery consultant, was essential in discovering excellent vineyards for the Recanati together with choosing the right terroire with wine-growing opportunities. Most of the vineyard supplying fruit intended for Recanati are in Manara and also Kerem Ben-Zimra on the cool, rocky Upper Galilee with a few other growing sites Ella Area and lower Galilee. In these regions distinct grapes varieties can be planted and noble varieties sugar quicker adding flavour in Recanati white Kosher wines
Recanati's white wines are Vinted from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Riesling.
Winemaking chief at Recanati Israeli Wines is Gil Shatsberg, a graduate from the Viticulture and Enology Training located at University of California, Davis. The wine making crew includes winemaker, Ido Lewinsohn proud graduate from the University of Milan, where he studied European Enology. Lewinsohn has worked in wineries in Australia, France and Italy,Asisting the winemaker at Tuscany’s  "Sassicaia" Vinori.