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  • Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Merlot
    Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Merlot

Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Merlot


This Merlot wine is made from grapes harvested in private vineyards in Galilee Elyon and Ella Valley. This aromatic, full-bodied wine is redolent with vanilla, spicy cloves and  red berry flavors typical of great Merlot. Proper service temperature for Merlot is 18°-20°C. This Strictly kosher wine is perfect with Mizrachi seasoned meat dishes or a backyard barbeque.

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The excelent Recanati Winery began back in two thousand by individuals inspired by Leanard Recanati to incorporate world-class know how in order to create here fine wine in Israel.

Recanati is a specific Israeli winery, in Hefer Area that is supplied with the highest quality winery apparatus.
Quality red or white wine manufacturing must starts with premier fruit. Vine planting specialist, Doctor Pini Sarig is instrumental in selecting the exceptional vineyards to make Recanati wines of Israel.  In Israel winery regions alternative wine varieties are typically selected and planted and also noble varieties mature fast adding nuances for Recanati's Kosher wines plus options for the wine-makers.
At Recanati, Superior quality red wines are made of the elegant Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot varieties. Additional varieties can include Shiraz,
Cabernet Franc, & Zinfandel.
Winemaking at Recanati is controled by wine maker, Gil Shatsberg, who is a graduate of famed University of California Viticulture and Enology school in Davis. Winemaking professionals at Recanati include winecrafter, Ido Lewinsohn: graduate of the Milan University, where he trained in Viticulture & Enology. Lewinsohn worked for wine makers in Italy, Australia,
and France.