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  • Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Shiraz
    Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Shiraz

Israeli Wine - Recanati Winery , Recanati Shiraz


Recanati Shiraz is a  fresh, fruity red wine sporting aromas of  cherry, raspberry, and plum with a spicy, flowery back note. The fruit was  gently pressed to preserve the fruitiness. This typical Israel wine is aged  8 months in oak barrels making the wine rich and harmonious, bottle aging will improve it. 

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A new Recanati Winery opened in 2000 to benefit wine lovers combining experience from around the globe for making wine in Israel.
This specific Israeli winery is in the Hefer Valley and uses the most up-to-date machinery.
High quality wines always begin by using the highest quality fruit. Grape vine improving specialist, Doctor Pini Sarig has been crucial in the selecting the exceptional vineyards intended for Recanati. Most of Recanati’s vineyards are currently in Manara, as well as Kerem Ben-Zimra and Judea’s Ella Valley to produce Recanati’s award winning Kosher wines.
At Recanati, top quality red wines are manufactured from noble Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties, as well as Shiraz, Syrah, & Zinfandel.
Winemaking at Recanati is lead by winemaker, U.C., Davis trained Enologist, Gil Shatsberg, aided by winemaker, Ido Lewinsohn, master of the European, wine tradition, who worked at facilities in France and in Italy, at "Sassicaia" a top-notch winery in Tuscany.