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  • Mount Amasa Syrah Yatir Winery Israeli Wine
    Mount Amasa Syrah Yatir Winery Israeli Wine

Mount Amasa Syrah Yatir Winery Israeli Wine

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A Syrah from world-renowned Yatir Winery, this red wine is made from 91% Syrah, 5% Merlot, and 4% Viognier grapes. Yatir Winery is an Israeli winery known for it’s exceptional Israeli wines. Brilliant for pairing with grilled lamb, or brined and grilled eggplant, or even smoked seitan steaks.

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Israeli wine from the heartland of ancient Israel, this Syrah is a red wine hailing from Israeli winery Yatir Winery. A sweet wine, this gorgeous purple Syrah has scents of ripe raspberries, beets, and even tapenade. It bears a fruity taste that is both silky and elegant. The aroma even includes typical for Syrah blackberry scents, with shades of smoking and the terroir coming through as well. This is a medium-body, not heavy wine. It is suitable for aging between 5 and 10 years.
Yatir Winery, built minutes away from Israeli archaeological fort site Tel Arad, was founded in the south, in the heart of the desert. Today, it is a symbol of the region, and has become part of an amazing area that is teaching others around the world how to combat desertification. Passersby and onlookers can even view the extensive and impressive wine press, a testament to the long-develop wine industry lasting over 2500 years. This site was a large center of Jewish settlement between the destruction of the Second Temple to the start of the Islamic period.