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  • Celebration in a Box Gift Basket
    Celebration in a Box Gift Basket

Celebration in a Box Gift Basket

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The ideal Hanukkah gift, this special gift basket contains bittersweet chocolate with caramelized sesame seeds, milk chocolate pralines, pecans coated with milk chocolate and milk chocolate covered almonds and walnuts.

Kosher Badatz

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It’s a joy to shop in Israel and this wonderful and tasty Israel basket demonstrates the exquisite and special products Israeli manufacturers can create. 

A gift from Israel, handmade and with only natural ingredients, is a unique and special way to start the Hanukkah holiday, the Jewish festival of lights. This fantastic gift basket, including all sorts of delicious treats, is one such holiday gift, complete with milk chocolate coated almonds, walnuts and pecans, all grown in Israel’s fertile soil. It also includes milk chocolate pralines and bittersweet chocolate mixed with caramelized sesame seeds, producing a sweet, rich treat. All are products from Israel and are under the kashrut of badatz, which includes Agudat Israel and Chalav Israel.
Hanukkah is the holiday where we light candles for eight nights in remembrance of the miracle at the Temple, where the oil for one day lasted for eight days. After the lighting people tend to give Hanukkah gifts to each other. This unique holiday basket is great for such purposes, though it’s a splendid gift to use all year round as a hostess gift or just to say “I love you”. Your loved one will greatly appreciate this Holy land gift, appropriate for any occasion.