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  • Chocolate Cylinders Gift Basket
    Chocolate Cylinders Gift Basket

Chocolate Cylinders Gift Basket


The ideal holiday gift, this unique gift basket includes chocolate with caramelized sesame seeds, cocoa and chocolate coated pecans, caramelized almonds coated with white chocolate and cinnamon, milk chocolate pralines, bittersweet chocolate coated cashews, hazelnuts with milk chocolate and handmade truffles.

Kosher Badatz

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MSRP: $69.95
Sale price: $49.95


If you’re looking for a fun and tasty holiday gift, your search has finally ended. Hanukkah gifts are a lot of fun to give and receive and this beautifully presented gift basket is a great present for all to enjoy. This special gift from Israel contains a variety of goodies, including pecans coated with cocoa and chocolate, milk chocolate pralines, chocolate with caramelized sesame seeds, handmade truffles, milk chocolate coated hazelnuts, cashews coated with bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon and white chocolate coated caramelized almonds. All these scrumptious snacks are under the kashrut of badatz, along with Agudat Israel and Chalav Israel.
Products from Israel have a unique quality about them, and this Holy land gift is no exception. Great as a hostess gift or as a loving statement, this amazing Israel basket is great for all occasions, but most especially for the holidays. Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, is a time for giving, and your loved one will most appreciate this thoughtful holiday basket. To make this Hanukkah special for everyone, be sure to shop in Israel and look for these fantastic one of a kind chocolaty treats, made with natural ingredients and handmade, all goodies of the highest quality produced in Israel. 
Long black box with writing, next to open black box with colorful boxes filled with chocolate inside. Chocolate covered nuts spread out next to boxes.