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  • Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket
    Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket

Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket


This wonderful holiday gift basket includes fine wine “Cabernet Sauvignon”, nougat and cocoa coated pecans, caramel rolled hazelnuts coated with milk nougat, white nougat and cinnamon coated almonds and cashews coated with bittersweet nougat.

Kosher Badatz

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Are you looking for the perfect blend of good quality wine and savory rich chocolate as a sweet gift? If so, you’re search has come to an end. This exquisite gift basket is a wonderful holiday gift, complete with a variety of nougat coated nuts and a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. The sweet goodies include almonds coated with white nougat and cinnamon, bittersweet nougat coated cashews, hazelnuts rolled in caramel and coated with milk nougat and pecans coated with milk nougat and cocoa powder.

All these treats are products from Israel and are made by hand with only natural ingredients. They are all kosher badatz, with Agudat Israel and Chalav Israel, while the wine is badatz and Bet Yosef.