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Wonder Basket

No Longer Available

Filled with a baby clothes bouquet, a cuddly stuffed animal and many extras, this specialty gift basket is guaranteed to thrill any new/soon to be new parents, and be the talk of any party celebrating the baby's birth. This beautiful package comes decorated with various matching ribbons.

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MSRP: $154.95
Sale price: $99.95

There is no greater way to show those closest to you that you share in their happiness and excitement upon the (upcoming) birth of a child than to present them with a gift that is thoughtful and practical, as well as beautiful and charming. Elegantly crafted, this unisex bouquet of baby items fill a metal double handled bucket with many pleasant surprises: Three pairs of socks, two onesie (one-piece) baby outfits, one two-piece baby outfit, a burping diaper, a diaper, a bib, and an absolutely deliciously soft and cuddly stuffed animal. All the baby clothes are high-quality 100% cotton and generously sized for infants 0-3 months. If you decide to present this basket as a present at a baby shower, it is sure to produce much oohing and aahhing as this bouquet's many surprises are unveiled one by one. Decorated with attractive ribbons, with all of its contents perfectly arranged - it is a stunning work of art to behold, and its practical contents only make it sweeter, thrilling the expectant mother to no end. The tin can may be used for other purposes once the contents are emptied and used, making it a multi-purpose baby gift basket. Any new (or not so new) parents will absolutely love this original gift, whether it is for their first child or tenth, whether it is given before birth of after. Nothing means more to new parents than the knowledge that those they love the most are thinking of them and sharing in their joy. Gift basket is delivered to the baby’s home.