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  • Grapevine Silverplate Elijah Cup & Matching Saucer
    Grapevine Silverplate Elijah Cup & Matching Saucer

Grapevine Silverplate or Pewter Elijah Cup & Saucer, Kiddush Cup for Sale

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A special cup for the prophet Elijah is always prepared at the end of the Seder meal on Passover night. This silverplated version has bunches of ripe grapes on a vine and a more detailed vine pattern around its matching saucer.

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The Kiddush Cup is a classic Jewish artifact which dates back to ancient times.  It has always been traditional that the cup over which the Shabbat Kiddush blessing is recited should be a special, somewhat elaborate piece.  In short, the Kiddush cup has always been a way in which to sanctify Shabbat.  This lovely piece combines a sense of that heritage, with an intricate and attractive design.


This item is a two-set piece, consisting of the goblet itself and the small plate on which it stands.  You can choose the two-piece set in one of two different materials, with options for a silver-plated set or a pewter set available.  However, whichever material you go for, you will not fail to be impressed by the intricate design, which utilizes the motif of bunches of grapes.  This is highly appropriate imagery for a Kiddush cup.  Of course, it symbolizes the wine which fills the cup.  However, it also evokes the thought of the grapes themselves, which are considered one of the seven special species of Israel.  The grape bunches are designed immaculately and help to make this item a wonderful example of Judaic art


The wider design itself is equally attractive.  The goblet includes a stem and wide base to form what many would consider to be the traditional shape for a Kiddush cup.  The small plate too, is also a traditionally round shape with a decorative edge.  Yet this sense of simplicity is complemented by the intricate nature of the design.

  • Size (cm): high: 15.5 , saucer 12
  • Size (Inch): high: 6.1 , saucer 4.7