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  • Decorative Clear Plexiglass Matza Box
    Decorative Clear Plexiglass Matza Box

Decorative Clear Plexiglass Matza Box


This Matza Stand made like a box is very practical for keeping the Matza during the Passover. The stand is made of Plexiglas, and carries grey decoration and inscription “Matzah” written in Hebrew.

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This Matza Stand in the form of a box will be perfect for keeping your Matza during Passover. It is made of transparent Plexiglass and its decoration is created in a silvery grey colour. The front part of the stand carries the inscription “Matzah”, written in Hebrew and surrounded by the traditionally ornamented rectangular frame.
The Passover Seder meal is full of symbols. And matza is one of the symbolic items on the festive table. Serving matza during the Passover has more meanings. It is served to retell the story of the exodus from Egypt. It symbolises redemption and freedom. But as it is called “poor man's bread”, it also serves as a reminder to be humble.
Put your unleavened bread in this practical box-like Judaica Matza Stand, and let it be the part of celebration of the great Jewish holiday Passover.

  • Size (cm): 22
  • Size (Inch): 8.6