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  • Diamond Shaped Aluminium Matza Tray
    Diamond Shaped Aluminium Matza Tray

Diamond Shaped Aluminium Matza Tray

No Longer Available

This is a simple and striking aluminium matza tray. The tray stands out in metallic silver. The serving area is square, and, with the handles, presents in a rhomboid shape. This creates a modernistic addition with classic lines that will stand out in any Passover celebration.

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SKU : 17287
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MSRP: $109.95
Sale price: $74.95

This is an aluminium matza tray with crisp and clean lines that create a contemporary feature for any Passover ceremony. The square serving area of the stand echoes the shape of the matza bread served at this time of year. The handles of the tray form a rhombus shape, and this allows the main square portion of the matza plate to leap out. The dark grey colored lettering stands out on the silver handles of the Judaica plate.
This lettering spells out the word matzah, and is presented in both English and Hebrew on the opposite handles of this plate. This beautiful piece’s square shape highlights the traditional square shape of the matza, and draws a pleasant contrast to the non-standard rhomboid shape of the Pesach tray. This is a well designed holiday dish that will easily compliment any Passover table setting.

  • Size (cm): 22 x 30
  • Size (Inch): 8.6 x 11.8