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  • Red Retro Sephardic Style Glass Matza Plate
    Red Retro Sephardic Style Glass Matza Plate

Red Retro Sephardic Style Glass Matza Plate

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This is an exquisite Matza tray. The bright colors on it are set to make your Passover standout. The tray is 33 cm x 33 cm in dimensions and can easily be used to keep standard sized Matza bread on. The product is made following the most reliable techniques and comes in secure packaging.

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Why is this Red Retro Glass Matza tray different from all other Matza trays? The design is consists of traditional motifs and embroidered shapes, using flowers, vines and pearls. There is Matza written in Hebrew at the center, in a bold font. Its colorful and bright look will bring out smiles and surprised looks on your Passover table. The glass used is tempered to increase the strength and durability, while the prints are going to stay for long, given that you wash with care. The Passover ceremony is a Jewish ritual to remember the struggles and eventual freedom of Israelis from Egyptian slavery. The incident is mentioned in Exodus and is of importance to Jews all over the world. This Judaica product is of top quality and will serve as a great gift to your Jewish friends and family, every year during the special time of Passover. While it works just fine alone, there is also a matching Seder Plate that you can purchase to make a set.

  • Size (cm): 33
  • Size (Inch): 12.9