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  • Silverplate Pesach Seder Plate, Intricate Carved Trim
    Silverplate Pesach Seder Plate, Intricate Carved Trim

Silverplate Intricate Carved Trim Seder Plate


Intricate carved arabesque style accents and scrolls decorate the edges of this silverplated seder plate that will be a beautiful addition to your family's Seder table this Passover.

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MSRP: $59.95
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The Seder plate is the central point of the Passover Seder, with extended family and friends all sitting around and reading the haggadah with the story of the Jewish nations salvation from slavery and their subsequent Exodus from Eqypt. Part of the Seder service is to include various symbols of the afflictions set on them by Pharoah and the haste of Israelites leaving.

This Seder plate, made of polished silverplate has recessed bowls to hold the 6 foods, each with its own part to play in the Pesach Seder. The hebrew names are enscribed in the center of each for: Carpas [greens], Zeroa [shankbone], Hazeret [horse radish], Beytza [egg], Haroset [sweet mixture of the morter], and Marror [bitter herb]. Alternating Arabesque style accents alternate with curved scroll trim around the border of this lovely seder plate.

A great gift for a bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl, this seder plate would also make a nice wedding or anniversary gift to be used and treasured for many years.

  • Size (cm): Diameter 39.3
  • Size (Inch): Diameter 15.5