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  • Instant Falafel Mix
    Instant Falafel Mix

Instant Falafel Mix, 3.17- Ounce

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Kosher Falafel Mix – instant powder. All you need is to mix it with water, prepare the falafel balls, fry it in a frying pane and it’s ready to serve. This Falafel mix is the produced in Israel by the Osem and is strictly Kosher Limehadrin (Badatz, Jerusalem).

The mix amount is for 15 falafel balls.

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MSRP: $19.95
Sale price: $4.95

Falafel is considered to be the Israeli national food and you can find a falafel stand in every street corner. Its main ingredient is Hummus beans and it can be served in various ways (depends on how creative you are...).
It’s a great idea to celebrate Israel’s Independence-Day dinner with a little flavour of Israel.


Net weight: 3.17-Ounce/90 grams