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  • Pewter Exodus Matzah Holder
    Pewter Exodus Matzah Holder

Pewter Exodus, Matzah Plate

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The Exodus from Egypt in striking carved relief goes around the four sides of this pewter Matzah tray. Deep enough to hold a full pack of machine made Matzah, and raised from the table by 4 carved legs, this unique Matzah serving tray will be a focal point on any Passover table.

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The haggadah of the Pesach seder tell the story of the Jewish nations birth from their slavery in Egypt under Pharoah to their hasty escape and exodus from Egypt led by Moses. One of the commandments of this Jewish Holiday is to each unleavened bread for the entire week of Pesach. This phrase for this - Shivat yamim tochal Matzot (Lit. a week of days you shall eat matzot) is engraved above a carved relief of the children of Israel and their possessions leaving Egypt on each raised side of this pewter Matzah holder. Four ornated carved legs continue the design at each corner and lift the holder off the Passover table. Perfect as a hostess gift or holiday judaica gift, this lovely Matzah tray will become a favorite centerpiece for the Passover Seder or other holiday meals.