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  • Standing Matzah Holder - Glass and Nickel
    Standing Matzah Holder - Glass and Nickel

Standing Matzah Holder - Glass and Nickel


Simple Glass and Nickel framed Matzah holder, holds a pack of matzah upright, so each piece is easily reached by your Seder table guests. Its simple design is also appropriate for daily use for serving matzot at any meal during the week of the Jewish Holiday of Passover

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Glass sided Matzah holder is framed with Nickel plate trim and a nickel plate with the hebrew word Matzah engraved on it on one side. The upright holder makes it easy to serve a pack of machine made square matzah elegantly on your Seder table. It is also durable enough to be used during any other Passover meal during the seven [eight outside of Israel] days of this Jewish Holiday. The Jewish people are commanded to eat unleavened bread for the entire week of the Passover week, to remember the bread dough that did not have time to rise during the Exodus from Egypt. Matzot are the current equivalent of those unleavened loaves eaten by the Israelites and this lovely Matzah holder will be a welcome addtion to your Passover table.