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  • FREE Gold Floral Silk Matzah Cover, Galilee Silk
    FREE Gold Floral Silk Matzah Cover, Galilee Silk

FREE Floral Silk Matzah Cover, Galilee Silk

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Beautiful gold floral design decorates this white silk Matzah cover that will add a touch of elegance to your passover meals and the pesach seder table.

FREE holiday item, but delivery charges will apply.

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Your Passover table is dressed in its finest of whites and golds with this elegant matzah cover made from 100% silk by Galilee Silk. Gold screened roses and petals trim the lower part of this square cover, the word Pesach in hebrew letters is written on the upper part.

Pesach is one of the most beloved of all the Jewish Holidays, with families gathered together around the Seder table to read the Haggada and tell stories of the Israelites slavery in Egypt, their triumphant exodus and the miracles that were witness during the Children of Israel's travels through the dessert.

Dimensions: 38 x 38 cm [approx 15 x 15 inch square]

Enjoy this FREE gift that adds a lovely touch of Israel to your festive holiday table.