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  • Melamine Floral Blue Passover Seder Plate
    Melamine Floral Blue Passover Seder Plate

Melamine Floral Blue Passover Seder Plate

No Longer Available

This is an attractive and durable melamine floral blue Seder plate. The blue and gold pattern stands out on a distinctive Passover plate. It creates a visually pleasing effect that will be a distinctive and charming addition to any celebration.

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SKU : 17285
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MSRP: $22.95
Sale price: $10.95

This is a round melamine Seder plate with a memorable blue and gold floral Judaica pattern throughout. The geometric pattern around the border creates an unforgettable and pleasing design. The six separate serving areas are flower shaped and create a ring around the central Hebrew script. The overall impression created is of a wonderful holiday design. This Seder tray is a fine addition to your Passover table.
The central area holds the word Passover printed in English and the word Pesach printed in Hebrew. In addition to this, each of the six serving areas of the Seder plate is individually labeled, indicating where the food items are to be placed. They are all also presented in both English and Hebrew lettering. This blending of languages creates a Seder tray that appeals to both traditional and modern approaches to any Passover ceremony.

  • Size (cm): 35
  • Size (Inch): 13.7