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  • Ornate Kings Bowl Circlet Seder Plate
    Ornate Kings Bowl Circlet Seder Plate

Ornate King's Bowl Circlet Seder Plate

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This is an old school Seder plate. It has a silver plated metallic body and is 40 cm in diameter. There is a beautiful border in circling the center. The spaces for food are also marked with Jewish scripts and surround a Pesach impression at the heart. The plate is a work of high quality and dedicated craftsmanship. It makes for an elegant addition to the Passover table.

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This wonderful piece of Judaica is not only a superb Seder Plate, but has an exceptional design which will almost take you back into the past, with traditional motifs such as shields and kings' bowls, and high quality materials allow your Seder plate to serve during Passover ceremonies for many years. The border is elegantly designed with a pattern of decorations circling around. The center is depressed in and features an intricate metal artwork of flowers and vines. The florets and vines all follow the Jewish traditional design pattern and are set to arouse a spiritual feeling. The Passover is a traditional Jewish religious ritual, marked to commemorate the freedom of Israelis from Egyptian slavery under the leadership of Moses. The Seder plate looks great alone or in combination with on of the Matza Plates also available on this website. It serves as a great ware for personal use and can also be gifted to your family / friends alike.

  • Size (cm): 40
  • Size (Inch): 15.7