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  • Silverplate Passover Seder Plate, Footed Wood & Embossed Panels
    Silverplate Passover Seder Plate, Footed Wood & Embossed Panels

Silver plate Footed Wood & Embossed Panels Seder Plate

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Elegance in Silver and polished wood is the look of this footed Seder Plate. This Passover Seder plate will be the focal point as you and your family and friends read the Haggada and tell the story of the Jewish people and their Exodus from Egypt.

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A polished natural wood base supports and frames a silver plate Seder plate that will become an integral part of your family's Passover Seder meal. Three carved legs hold the tray above the table - enough to hide an afikomen matzah from inquisitive little eyes. In the center of the plate are marked places for theCarpas [greens], Zeroa [shankbone], Hazeret [horse radish], Beytza [egg], Haroset [sweet mixture of the morter], and Marror [bitter herb] are placed in two arches below an engraved arch design and surrounded by leafy branch accents. The wide border is sectioned with raised accents in each arched panel and grooved columns between. The wood base frames the curved rim exactly to form a sturdy, solid Seder plate that will last for many years.