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  • Story of Exodus Plastic Passover Seder Plate
    Story of Exodus Plastic Passover Seder Plate

Story of Exodus Plastic Passover Seder Plate

No Longer Available

This plastic Exodus Seder plate is practical and educative at the same time. It has pre-formed spaces for symbolic food and inscriptions in Hebrew and English. Its border tells the story of the exodus from Egypt.

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The Exodus Seder plate carries its name based on the illustrations which cover its border. This lovely and practical Seder plate is decorated with the motifs of the Exodus from Egypt. The plate has pre-formed spaces, marked with inscriptions of each of the Seder items. The names of symbolic food are written in Hebrew and English below every bowl, and the upper part of the plate carries inscription Passover, written also in both languages. The plate is made of plastic, with decorations in pastel colours.
Arrange each of the six Seder items in the bowls of your Seder plate according to their special significance, and while telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt to your children be supported with corresponding illustrations on the plate.
Let this lovely Judaica item help you to communicate the meaning and importance of the Passover Seder to your offspring.

  • Size (cm): 32
  • Size (Inch): 12.5