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  • Four Species Care & Transport Kit
    Four Species Care & Transport Kit
  • Four Species Care & Transport Kit
    Four Species Care & Transport Kit

Four Species "Hadar" Care & Transport Kit


This one-of-a-kind, patent registered kit provides a convenient way to store your "Arba Minim" while beautifying the mitzvah with dignity and splendor.
The kit is currently available in three different models:
Sapir, made from nickel plated High-density plastic
Tiferet .in silver plated copper
Malchut  of pure silver

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 15466
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MSRP: $199.95
Sale price: $144.95

While Pesach represents piety, Shavuot Devotion, Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur purity; The holiday of Sukkoth, has always been a time of joy & self expression. We build and decorate the tabernacles (Sukkah) and acquire and parade around the synagogue with, four species including the Etrog, known as Pri Etz Hadat (beautiful fruit).
Four species "Hadar" kit is a brand new patented product that offers a further beautification of this mitzvah while protecting your four species from breakage and drying.
Kit Components:
1. Free-standing base
2. Upper lulav shield
3. Lulav shield base
4. Etrog box attached with magnet
5. Moisture preserving cushions
6. White carry case

Four species "Hadar" advantages:

Carry all four species with you comfortably. The kit fits into a stylish carting case. We have designed the case with space for a Siddur and Tallith.

Our kits are all made of durable, quality materials for many years of service. The kit will protect your “four species” (Arba Minim) from damage & drying.
Patented Moisture pad  preserves the freshness of the palm branch (lulav), myrtle (hadas) and willow (aravah)  and its rigid shell  shields the delicate top of the palm branch.

The Glory of the Mitzvah
The Four species "Hadar" care & transport kit beautifies the commandment of  "four species", this helps to us to treat this special mitzvah with the magesty that it deserves.

The Beauty and the Splendor
The kit s an impressive Jewish craft item honoring and  decorating the synagogue for prayers and the sukkah through the holiday and the  Jewish home year round.