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  • Family Portrait' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate
    Family Portrait' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate

Family Portrait' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate


This lovable caricature can be yours! This carefully crafted picture will be drawn and custom-made with your last name and the members of your family. This original handmade Israeli art can be personalized in English and Hebrew.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 14030
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MSRP: $53.75
Sale price: $42.95

Tamar Ivri is as adorable as her drawings! Her studio is based in a small village in the north of Israel. These signs first started as a hobby when she was younger, and they progressed into a small business!

Each sign is uniquely designed and personalized. These distinctive signs can decorate your homes, doors, offices or children's rooms. Each sign can have both Hebrew and English names included.

The technique used to make Tamar's Cute Signs is a combination of freehand and computer art and printing. First the sign is hand drawn and scanned into a computer and the lettering is adding. Then the image is printed on matt finish ceramic tiles. Each beautiful sign is framed in a natural solid wood frame.

Tamar’s Cute Signs uses digital imaging to make these ceramic nameplates. The handmade inscription is merged into the design through the computer and then heat-printed on a ceramic tile. This process is a unique development and therefore the tiles do not fade quickly.

Personalized items will only be accepted for return if there is a mistake or defect in the product.