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  • Grapevine' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate
    Grapevine' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate

Grapevine' Personalized Ceramic Nameplate


The grapevine is one of the artist's favorite works, because it is one of the Seven Species of Israel! It can make a wonderful gift.

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Monica is the artist of all of these beautiful titles. She lives with m her family in the western Galilee in Northern Israel. She has been painting ceramic tiles for 12 years in her studio.

Her tiles are hand painted in overglazed colors and fired in high temperatures in a kiln, therefore they are fit for many kinds of applications, either inside or outside the house. Ceramic tiles are amazing, because they have a connection to a lot of different cultures and arts. Tiles are also wonderful because of their longevity. Monica's works are very colorful and are influenced by many styles from all over the world, but especially by local traditions - both Arab and Jewish. Installation Info:You can hang these tiles on the wall, fit them in the plaster, or combine them with furniture.When attaching the name plates to the door or to the wall, add some silicon and then, glue it to the door/wall, making holes in the tiles is not an option.Personalized items will only be accepted for return if there is a mistake or defect in the product.