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  • Adina Plastelina Large Peacock Feather Earrings
    Adina Plastelina Large Peacock Feather Earrings

Adina Plastelina Large Peacock Feather Earrings


These large (7.1 cm, 2.8 in) sterling silver earrings brilliantly mimic the stunning colors and combinations of the peacock feather. Let their beauty enhance the beauty of the wearer.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 15000
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MSRP: $329.95
Sale price: $175.96

The peacock symbolizes self assurance, and the 'eyes' at the tip of the feather symbolize the ability to see the past, present and future. With so many eyes, the peacock can see everything! When its beauty is revealed, we cannot help but give it our attention, and so are reminded of the beauty of everything in life.

The artists of Adina Plastelina have mimicked the eyes of the peacock's feathers with all the brilliantly contrasting colors, using the ancient technique of Millefiori using polymer clay. Then they set them into unique, feather shaped earrings, with three spines on each side. The earrings (7.1 cm, 2.8 in) are made of sterling silver

Nature's beauty reflected in an elegant longer sized Peacock feather design. These earrings will command everyone's attention when you wear them!


Adina Plastelina specializes in the design and crafting of unique jewelry by means of the Millefiori process. Millefiori is the combination of the Italian words Mille (Thousand) and Fiori (Flowers), a term used for the first time around the 1850, yet the process itself has been in use for about 2,000 years.

Now, two thousand years later, the talented craftsman of Adina Plastelina, have revived this technique and applied it to Polymer Clay. The play of colors, shapes and patterns, joined together with materials such as silver & gold, transform these pieces into handmade, individual works of art.

  • Size (cm): 7.1 cm
  • Size (Inch): 2.8 Inch