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  • Dazzling Silver & Enamel Green-Blue  Mosaic Design Earrings
    Dazzling Silver & Enamel Green-Blue  Mosaic Design Earrings

Dazzling Silver & Enamel Green-Blue Mosaic Design Earrings

No Longer Available

Regardless of the occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, graduation or just to say “I love you” this remarkable piece of silver jewelry is the perfect gift. Designed with much care and skill by Idit Jewelry, one of the top makers of Israeli jewelry, these sparking enamel earrings feature a remarkable combination of blue, green and silver to stunning effect. A great addition to any silver jewelry or enamel jewelry collection, these earrings are sure to be a hit.

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MSRP: $134.95
Sale price: $89.95

If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect gift for someone you love – despair not; your search has ended! Idit Jewelry, one of the most original Israeli jewelry designers out there, has crafted a remarkable pair of silver enamel earrings, sure to fit any taste and any jewelry box.

Made of silver, dangling and measuring 2.9cm x 1.3cm (1"1/10"x1/2"), each earring features four intricately painted enamel right-trapezoids which resemble rectangles. The top two trapezoids are placed parallel to the general direction of each earring, whereas the bottom two trapezoids are placed perpendicularly. These trapezoids are delicately located to create a silver border between them.

The contrast between the blue-green enamel and silver creates a dazzling splash of color, which is truly a sight to behold. A small silver hoop is attached to the top of each earring, to facilitate the silver “branches” used to connect each earring to the ear. These enamel silver earrings have the unique quality of being both trendy enough to wear to casual events, as well as dressy and fashionable enough to wear to events which call for more formal attire.

Whether you’d like to say “Happy anniversary”, “Happy birthday”, “Congratulations” or simply “I love you”, giving someone close to your heart, these beautiful silver earrings is the perfect way to say it, and they are sure to thrill the lucky recipient. The perfect complement to any jewelry box or collection of enamel jewelry or silver jewelry – this gift is a sure winner.