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  • Retro Style Silver and Gold. Israeli Bracelet
    Retro Style Silver and Gold. Israeli Bracelet

Retro Style Silver and Gold, Israeli Bracelet

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This retro style silver plated Israeli Bracelet features neat charms that really bring the textured chunky style bracelet to the next level of pure awesomeness. Enjoy this bracelet and use it as that great statement piece to complete the outfit.

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SKU : 16659
MSRP: $83.95
Sale price: $59.95

An interesting choice of accessory, this adds that flair to your outfit making you unexpected and unique. The charms are unique in style and will set you apart from the crowd. This piece of jewelry  offers interest and completion to your outfit, making it the best it can be. It's actually great for dressed down casual clothes as well as dressing up fancy. And the dual colors of it allow it to match both your silver jewelry and your gold and tying them together so you can wear either or both. A definite win of the Israeli fashion industry, and specifically the Israeli jewelry, Anava Jewelry have upped their game and created a detailed quality bit of Israel to wear proudly on your wrist. Anava's design studio focuses on making jewelry from the best materials, in a variety of styles that all pay a lot of attention to detail to make them the best you could find.

  • Size (cm): Length: 19
  • Size (Inch): Length: 7.5