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  • Silver on Gold Medallion, Star of David Necklace
    Silver on Gold Medallion, Star of David Necklace

Silver on Gold Medallion Star of David Necklace

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A Magen David (star of David) is something that should be able to be worn everyday to show what you believe in the form of an accessory. As such, this wonderful design incorporates the golden color and the silver color to match anything.

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MSRP: $49.95
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Silver and gold plated necklaces such as this one give a good name to Israeli as well as Jewish jewelry making. Anava Jewelry's attention to design and high quality materials lend these pieces an extra level of beauty and their loving care truly shows in the design and handicraft.
The silver and gold design allows it to be worn with other accessories of either color, solving that unfortunate feeling when you can't wear an accessory you like because it doesn't match your other jewelry - with this necklace that'll never happen. So enjoy being able to show off your best earrings or bracelets in a wonderful harmonious accompaniment to this sweet necklace.
The symbolism is strong in this one, too. The Star of David, especially paired with gold and silver, create the image of King David of old, and the name of the symbol in Hebrew is Magen David, which translates to David's shield.
  • Size (cm): chain 43
  • Size (Inch): chain 17