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  • Silver and Gold Plated Filigree Beads, Hamsa Necklace
    Silver and Gold Plated Filigree Beads, Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Necklace Silver and Gold Plated Filigree Beads

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Wear your hamsa on a necklace to keep it in its rightful place, by your heart, at all times. This particular design will allow you to wear it in style, too, and enjoy the presence of the symbol while enjoying your sense of style.
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SKU : 16664
MSRP: $103.95
Sale price: $74.95
This Silver and Matte Gold Plated Filigree Barrel Beads Hamsa Necklace is that ideal combo of gold and silver that allows it to be worn with any other jewelry you like, and is sure to compliment almost any outfit with its classic detailed look. It's the type of jewelry that really makes the outfit something much better, adding that tasteful statement that the outfit needs to complete the perfect look. The design is detailed and timeless and wearing this kind of ornamentation on your person shows a developed and wise sense of style. And Anava Jewelry is also a great choice of producer to show up wearing, as they are well known worldwide for a range of styles that please the eye, since they opened in 2007. They pride themselves in paying special attention to every small detail in the jewelry design to make them the best possible, and with the best materials.
  • Size (cm): chain: 48
  • Size (Inch): chain: 18.9