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  • Silver Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant
    Silver Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant

Silver Evil Eye Hamsa Pendant

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This gorgeous 925 sterling silver Hamsa pendant comes with a silver chain, and decorates your person with a symbol against the evil eye that also is an undeniably unique and beautiful accessory.

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A unique shape of Hamsa, this wonderful necklace is more the shape of a real hand than a stylized one. It protects the wearer from the evil eye, and is a symbol of good luck. A delightful Israeli jewelry gift, this middle eastern symbol on a pendant is handmade in an art studio in Israel out of silver and comes with a silver chain to match. Decorated with swirls and stripes, this hamsa is appropriate for men or women, and makes a great addition to your own collection or that of a loved one as a gift.


  • Size (cm): Pendant size 2.6x1.5, chain 50
  • Size (Inch): Pendant size 0.9x0.6, Chain 20