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  • 14K Gold Ahavat Olam Ahavotiech (eternal love) , Jewish Ring
    14K Gold Ahavat Olam Ahavotiech (eternal love) , Jewish Ring

14K Gold Ahavat Olam Ahavotiech (eternal love) , Jewish Wedding Ring

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This unique work of art jewelry from the workshop of Ben Sadya combines finely polished and hammered 14K gold for a truly contemporary appeal. The ring is embossed in simple block style with  the phase, “Ahavat Olam Ahavotiech,” the common meaning is, “My eternal love is for you.” It is a perfect wedding ring, both contemporary and enduring. 

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MSRP: $1,820.00
Sale price: $1,364.00
A fantastic ring with stunning incomparable components. This wedding band is an extraordinary piece made of 14K white & yellow gold demonstrating the "Harei At Mekudeshet Li" atmosphere in a couple's life. The "Harei At Mekudeshet Li", and no other verse could be so huge on a ring as this one to express the spirit of a couple's life together. This is an exquisite ring with astounding, enchanting and faultless beauty...
This creative gold band on band is a really Israeli Jewelry style. This focal point is splendidly refined with parts of exquisite workmanship and novel configuration.
The yellow gold outside part with the wording rotates around the ring over the internal layer of finely finished white gold. Besides, inside is as smooth as can be, fitting impeccably and giving a pleasant surface against the finger.
  • Size (cm): Ring width 1.2
  • Size (Inch): Ring width 0.47 inch