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  • 14k Gold Bold Curved Chai Necklace
    14k Gold Bold Curved Chai Necklace

14k Gold Bold Curved Chai Necklace

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Bold, graceful, the living symbol of life itself “chai” sways through this 14k gold Israeli jewelry piece from Ben Jewellers. Much has been said on the various meanings of “chai” itself, or “life” and you too can pull your own commentaries out of this marvelous Jewish jewelry.

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Carved from a solid sheet of 14 carat gold (14k gold), this Jewish jewelry features the word “chai”, meaning life. Ben Jewelers, an internationally recognized Israeli jewelry studio, It's highly-polished gold service reflects what is around it, making this magically match any outfit or occasion. The simple design also means it is thicker than most pendants. As such, it would work just as well as a bracelet charm.
The word Chai translates to life. Life is something of a miracle to the Jewish people. We have seen empires rise and fall, conquests and liberations, returns and diasporas, yet through the will of G-d we are still alive! Modern Jewish jewelry embraces that life through the prominent use of the word for life as a decorative motif.
Ben Jewelers has brought that decorative motif together with Yemenite technique to craft this utterly stunning charm.

  • Size (cm): 1.1x1.3
  • Size (Inch): 0.4 x 0.5