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  • 14K Gold Bracelet with Star of David
    14K Gold Bracelet with Star of David

14K Gold Bracelet with Star of David

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This sweet bracelet is a simple but delicate and beautiful design, a smooth finished bangle with a clasp on the bottom and a Star of David on top, held in a circle so there are no rough edges. It’s a wonderful design and Ben’s Jewelry has done well with this piece.

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SKU : 16819
MSRP: $1,259.00
Sale price: $899.00
This 14K Gold Ben Jewelry bangle bracelet is a wonderful choice of gift as well as a wonderful choice of jewelry for any purpose. It features a Star of David and the whole image it creates is a very delicate and sweet look, a truly beautiful bracelet for any occasion at all. It has a good solution to the common problem of bangles not fitting every wrist in the chain and clasp section at the bottom which allow it to fit a number of differently sized wrists and also have a nicer, snugger feel when worn.
The Star of David is thought to have been linked to the Jewish people by King David of old, and the Hebrew name for the shape is ‘Magen David’, literally translating into David’s Shield. So if you’d like to show your love for the Jewish people or Israel itself, the Star of David is a truly wonderful choice of symbol and this is a great choice of bracelet.
  • Size (cm): pendant 1.9 x 1.9
  • Size (Inch): pendant 0.75 x 0.75