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  • 14K Gold Chai and Star of David, Jewish Jewelry
    14K Gold Chai and Star of David, Jewish Jewelry

14K Gold Chai and Star of David, Jewish Jewelry

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Life is beautiful and so is this Ben’s Jewelry golden pendant. The Star of David is smooth in front with texture in the back layer, and is topped with the hebrew word for Life. An inspiring necklace to bring you a joyful day.

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This Ben Jewelry necklace combines two powerful symbols to create a beautiful and inspiring necklace that has a wonderful wealth of meaning behind it.
The first symbol on the necklace is the Hebrew word ‘Chai’, which translated to Alive. And certainly, that is something to be happy and thankful about. We’ve been gifted with the ability to live, and enjoy the fresh air and the world we live in and our health and well being. And that is a truly wondrous thing,  if you think about it. Surely it’s a sentiment worth reminding yourself of, so that you can enjoy life and what it means to be able to live.
The second symbol ties the necklace into Judaism with the well known and well loved Star of David, or in Hebrew, ‘Magen David’. It’s thought to possibly have been King David’s shield symbol or something of the like, though that hasn’t been proven. It’s a symbol commonly attributed to Judaism nowadays and together the symbols show a great connection between Judaism and the wonder of life.
  • Size (cm): 2.2x 1.3
  • Size (Inch): 0.9 x 0.5